Film - Tear Hunter

the tear hunter from mariana santos on Vimeo.

This short film was made in 48hours for the the 48hours film festival, this time in London.
On friday afternoon we go an envelop with a character: Alastiar, he must be a collector, a prop: a brush, and the line we had to use was: "Shall we leave it like that?". Then our genre was fantasy, and we had exactly 48h to write the script, shoot the film and do the post-production.
Friday we had dinner and came up with a basic script, then saturday morning we adjusted a bit the script and did a story board, then after lunch on Saturday we got on the "Briklane stage" and we shoot the scenes. We miraculously found a mannequin from a sweet guy that borrowed us his private mannequin. The mood overall was relaxed and fun. Until we had to render, and it had to be super good quality to screen it on Prince Charles Cinema in Picadilly a couple of days ahead...